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    Rabbi Mordechai Weiss
    Rabbi Guide

    Rabbi Mordechai Weiss

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    References - Thanks for Asking

    Why is Rabbi Guide Mordechai Weiss one of Israel's most sought after tour guides?
    Here's what others have to say:

    I want you to know that I stopped everything I was doing at my law office to respond to your email immediately. That is how much I love Rabbi Weiss as a tour guide. He really made our trip. We had been to Israel before the trip that we used him, and decided at the last minute that at least for one of the days that we were in Jerusalem that we should have a tour guide. We contacted him, and he Thank G-d was available, and he did something that I had never experienced with tour guides and that is to really understand the type of things that we had previously seen, what we wanted to see, what we were hoping to get out of the experience, and then he sat down to work, and crafted a very unique itinerary for us on some out of the way places that we never would have known about, or seen. It was amazing. Then on the trip, he was so pleasant and funny and personable, and really know his stuff. He is a true mentch. How many times can you get a rabbi that is a tour guide? He loves his job, and it really comes out. He really wants to make sure you have a great time, and appreciate Israel. I am very honored that he is using me as a reference. Go with him, you will not regret it. Please forward any additional questions to me, and also, let me know how the trip was after you go with him. All the best. Brian Lebensburger

    " Mordechai Weiss toured my husband and me and my brother and sister in law for 1 week last summer and we had the most fabulous trip. He is so knowledgeable and personable and really a pleasure to spend with. He is also American and was raised in Miami and grew up here so he is easy to relate to and at the same time navigates the country like a true Israeli. He is the best of both worlds. I have since recommended him to other friends and all have been so appreciative and thankful."

    We really appreciate all you did and for making our trip so enjoyable.
    Please feel free to use our name as a reference.
    Leah and Harvey Paretzky
    He's a wonderful fun human being and bright, informed and interesting. We've known him for 20+ years. We toured with him primarily around Jerusalem. I've been to Israel almost 20 times and he still taught me a lot and kept my interest (and I'm a tough customer!).
    Yoni and I had a wonderful time with you.
    Shana Tova !
    Michael Kram

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge of Jerusalem and Jewish history with the AACI February Pilot Trip group on Friday. It was an excellent way for us to finish off the day and begin Shabbat -- inspirational and interesting. Wishing you all the best, and look forward to seeing you again.

    I am now back home. I just wanted to write you to thank you for the wonderful and memorable day that you gave my family. Your help in choosing the sites to visit and your expertise were quite impressive. It was PERFECT for my family and their interests.I would be MORE than happy to talk to anyone that calls or emails me and I will gladly give you a glowing reference! The day with you was the highlight of the trip! Thank you for making our trip so much fun!
    Best Regards,
    C. Montrose
    Chicago, IL

    All five of us concur that we had a great time with you. We truly appreciate your efforts and valued your comraderie. Also please thank your wife for her warm welcome and the opportunity to meet at least some of your family.
    A warm handshake,

    Thank you very much for the tour you gave us. It was excellent. My girls have been to Israel a few times and at Masada 2 or 3 times and they both said that your tour was the best. You showed and taught a lot more than they experienced before.

    Just wanted to say thank you. The family had a wonderful time yesterday and spoke super highly of you. They said they would recommend you in a second to anyone else. so thank you!!!!

    Israeli Maven
    Your trip to Israel - Just the way you want it
    Born with "sand in his shoes" in Miami Beach, Florida,
    Rabbi Mordechai Weiss made Aliyah with his family in 2003.

    When I first started to look for a guide, I posted a message on the Israeli Tour Guide web site. There are over 1300 certified Israeli Tour Guides. I received messages from over 150 certified and well qualified guides.

    How does one choose a guide when planning a trip of a lifetime with two adult sons?
    One name stood out from the rest - Rabbi Mordechai Weiss.

    Why - first he is a Rabbi.
    My sons had never been to Israel. I had been to Israel back in February 1967. More recently, my wife and I had been to Israel with a tour group in 2008. We had a wonderful guide. However we felt there was something missing. We did not have a Rabbi with our group. We missed that special "something" -- a Rabinical prospective -- that only a Rabbi could add to a trip to the Holy Land.

    I sent an e-mail message to Mordechai and within a couple of days he called me at my office in Chicago. I asked for a few references and he sent a list to me. I sent out six e-mail messages and within 24 hours ALL SIX replied with glowing recommendations. The decision was obvious. Over the next 6 months we shared information and reservations were made. Finally the day arrived and we were on our way. Mordechai met us at the airport and we began our adventure of a lifetime. And it really was everything we had hoped for and more. In one week we learned more than we could have ever imagined - not only did we learn about Israel, past and present, we gained a better understanding about ourselves and our own Jewishness. Mordechai shared information with us and each of us shared information with him. It was as if we had been friends forever.

    There are over 1300 certified Israeli Tour Guides ...
    But there is only ONE Rabbi Mordechai Weiss.
    And that's why Rabbi Guide Mordechai Weiss is one of Israel's most sought after tour guides.

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